The magic of mediation

Posted on September 15, 2016
Written by Caroline Dutot

Why is it that mediation is successful where other processes fail?

Mediation is a private and confidential process in which a professionally trained impartial third party works with those persons involved in a conflict or dispute to try and assist them to reach a mutually acceptable outcome. Mediation has an 85% success rate in resolving disputes. Which begs the question, why is it that mediation is successful where other processes fail? Two words –  emotional engagement.

Research shows that emotional engagement is more important than rational reasoning when it comes to developing trust and cooperation in relationships. This mantra is true whether the focus is a personal relationship or a business relationship with a customer, supplier, client or colleague.

Successful conflict management is therefore not just about resolving a problem or dispute.  It is as much about addressing the status of relationships and the individual feelings/emotions of those involved. The need is to not only bring a solution to the problem but also an emotional resolution to a situation, for those embroiled in it.

The magic of mediation comes because it can offer something that other forums cannot – namely the redress of emotion. Instead of being focussed on guidance, procedures, laws, facts or solutions, mediation goes to the primacy of relationships. Because it does so, mediation can also help restore and build positive relationships for the future (in whatever context those relationships derive), even when it is thought those relationships might be irretrievable. This is true whether one is looking at personal, professional or business relationships.

If you are struggling to perform that difficult balancing exercise between resolving a dispute, whilst maintaining a future working relationship, then considering mediation as a form of dispute resolution is a must.

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