Practice Areas

International Corruption, Fraud and Asset Recovery

Wide reaching expertise

Our legal advice covers expert assistance across both criminal and civil law relating to fraud, asset recovery and the confiscation of assets. This includes advice on freezing of funds, breach of mandate issues, civil asset forfeiture, confiscation proceedings and extradition. Our clients draw on the expertise of our experienced litigators, who have been involved in all of Jersey’s significant money laundering and confiscation cases in recent years.  We have specialist knowledge in dealing with cases involving international corruption. Our Advocates have spoken by invitation at Chatham House in London, the World Bank in Washington and the United Nations in Vienna on the issue of cross-border asset recovery.  We currently provide input to the International Bar Association’s Asset Recovery Sub-Committee.

Our fraud and asset recovery services include representation and advice in respect of:

  • Freezing and asset seizure provisions, such as the Jersey ‘no consent’ regime and saisie judiciaries
  • Confiscation proceedings
  • Fraud investigations and civil fraud claims
  • Fraudulent breach of trust, breach of mandate claims
  • Asset tracing